“PICTURE THIS is the latest release from FASCINATING, a band at the forefront of Cleveland’s burgeoning slop-pop scene, led by Ricky Hamilton – founder of the garage rock collective, Quality Time Records. For eight tracks, the band uses their guitars as blunt instruments to bash through 16 minutes of lo-fi power pop with the hyper-drowsy energy of Jay Reatard in the throes of a benzo binge.”
– Jurassic Pop Records

This release is available on our STARDUST variant featuring blue, red, and purple hues with glitter pressed into the vinyl. Each Wax Mage STARDUST copy will be hand numbered /28 and includes a download code.

To purchase a copy of the Stardust variant, please visit https://waxmagerecords.storenvy.com

To purchase a copy on splatter vinyl, please visit https://store.jurassicpoprecords.com/products/picture-this

To purchase a copy on random color vinyl, Quality Time Records will have them on their website soon. Keep checking http://qualitytimerecords.bandcamp.com for updates!