Wax Mage Records

One of a kind custom records made in Cleveland, Ohio at Gotta Groove Records by Heath Gmucs

Wax Mage


IMG_0940Wax Mage Records is owned and run by  Heath Gmucs,  a pressing operations supervisor at Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, Ohio since 2009. He specializes in making unique custom colored records that adhere to Gotta Groove’s high quality standards. After years of experimenting with new techniques, Gotta Groove Records now offers some of the designs in limited quantities to the public. In addition to working side by side with customers of Gotta Groove Records to create one of a kind vinyl designs, Wax Mage also operates as a record label offering independent releases and co-releases with other labels and bands. Thanks for stopping by, you can look at more of Heaths and Wax Mage’s work on Instagram.

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