Wax Mage Records

One of a kind custom records made in Cleveland, Ohio at Gotta Groove Records by Heath Gmucs

Get Your Music on Wax Mage Vinyl

Wax Mage Records operates within Gotta Groove Records, so in order to get your project on Wax Mage vinyl you will have to press with Gotta Groove Records. Please keep in mind that some of the more complicated Wax Mage design quantities are limited.

There is a nice pricing guide on the Gotta Groove website here, and any pricing or quantity related questions are best answered by contacting the sales department. Any design related questions can be sent to waxmage@gmail.com

We have categorized the type of vinyl we make into hand made and hand poured records.  You can also request that we help you come up with a custom swirl color scheme. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between them.

Our more complicated designs are what we call “hand made” records. We build these right on the stampers in the press with our own two hands before pressing the vinyl as opposed to mixing vinyl in the hopper and letting the machine feed it through the extruder. They require the most time and material as well as the most planning, but the results are stunning.


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Hand poured records are made by pouring the vinyl in a precise and deliberate manner. This is different from what’s called “random color recycle” in that RCR records do not usually have much color in one record or the color transition look. Hand poured records are a great option if you’d like records that are more exciting than RCR but not as busy or expensive as hand made records. There is more color and each record is a transition record.

“Swirl” vinyl is made when colors are mixed together in a way that will give a marble or swirled effect rather than one solid color. Often the most striking swirl records come from a small amount of opaque vinyl mixed with a larger amount of transparent vinyl, but it can be done with many combinations of colored vinyl.

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